Our Story

„My career has started in 2000 in the chair of an automation engineer-manager. Over time, I have sold increasingly sophisticated equipment that needed to be programmed and entered with the right parameters. The head of the company did not want to engage in more complex projects, thus, to retain customers and not lose a lot of hard work, I have found a company dedicated to the implemention of projects.“

Donaldas Rimskis | Founder of the company

UAB "Automatikos biuras" was founded in 2011. From the very beggining, the main goal of the company was the development of automation projects. We started our business with small orders, but with more and more experience, today we can make the right decisions much faster and offer our customers the most suitable solutions. In addition to the project implemention, we also trade automation components and their accessories. Every year the company strengthens as the number of employees increases and their competence grows. Therefore, it could be confidently said that we are one of the strongest specialists in our field in Lithuania.

Our goal is to perform each job professionally, taking into account the customer's needs.

Our projects are carried out not only in Lithuania: during the last few years, our works have travelled to the Republic of South Africa, Germany, Philippines, South Korea, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria.

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