Automation of Pallet Boards Cutting Line
Project task

To design an automatic control line for pallet boards cutting, which will ensure high production efficiency.

Previous working

Workers carry logs by hands.

They perform several operations on cutting fixed size boards.
The process requires a lot of physical labour, low production productivity


An automatic control system has been designed and programmed.

Innovative technological solutions that reduce the amount of waste have been selected.
An automatic logs feeding and waste disposal system is installed.
An advanced logs 3D geometry measurement scanner is used to ensure the maximum amount of final product.
The line is supervised by 2 operators.

This, like many other projects, was accomplished with the help of responsible and knowledgeable professionals. The work went smoothly and expeditiously, all encountered problems were quickly resolved and eliminated. We are satisfied with the UAB "Automatikos Biuras" team members and their results and hope to continue the successful cooperation with this company in the future.
Šulčius Regimantas
Ramūnas Švedas
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